Interim CFO Services to Accelerate Startup Success

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Give your fast-paced, driven startup the financial support it needs – outsource interim cfo services and Accounting Outsourcing Solutions to maximize efficiency, accelerate success, and let you focus on streamlining operations.

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Let experts step in to provide the interim CFO services & accounting outsourcing services you need to take your business to the next level.

Outsourced CFO

Seasoned financial professionals to assist you with strategic planning and complex projects.

Capital Raising Assistance

Proposals, reports and assistance approaching institutional investors. Get your finances ready to present and receive investment.

Outsourced Controller

Maintain financial discipline and accounting best practices.

M&A Advisory

Research and integration consulting services for M&A.

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We’ll assemble the right blend of finance professionals with a single point of contact.

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Why Work With Us?

Our team is made up of entrepreneurs, operators and financial executives with 20+ years of experience in NY/SF startups and comanies like Goldman Sachs and PwC.

We understand the operating process and financial discipline of large companies and how to take start-ups to the next level.

Clarity and confidence

We do much more than just keep your books. We provide clear, accurate and timely financial reports and analysis to help you make business decisions with confidence.

Ability to scale up

We have the skills and capacity to handle complex tasks as your business grows, including budgeting, strategic planning, tax & audit support, among others.

Value-based pricing

Our fees are project-based rather than time-based, and are tied to achieving specific business objectives.

Top talent all the time

At Interim CFOs all clients are always consulted by our experienced senior talent. We only delegate simple day-to-day tasks to junior staff.

Single point of contact

All your questions and requests will be handled by a dedicated relationship manager.

"Working with Interim CFOs has been a game changer for Welcome. Not only have they done a great job managing the day-to-day of our financial operations, but they've also been a fantastic strategic finance partner helping us make the best financial decisions for our company. I couldn't recommend them highly enough for fast growing, nimble teams."

"Through iCFO, we have a top-notch financial officer whose a trusted member of our team, plus the ability to add qualified resources when our fast-growing tech company needs them.”

Interim CFOs has been instrumental in helping Jet Protocol scale. Their seasoned finance professionals have consistently given Jet expert tax and accounting advice. As we’ve grown, so has our usage of Interim CFOs, and Interim CFO’s value-based pricing is perfect for our startup’s flexible needs. Jet Protocol cannot recommend Interim CFOs enough for any startup looking to outsource or compliment their finance and accounting departments.

James CEO

Essential Support Resources That Will Help You Maximize Profits

Running a successful business requires more than just knowledge and hard work – it also means having the right financial management tools to keep operations organized, efficient, and profitable. To make sure you have the guidance you need for success in this area of your venture, we’ve compiled an invaluable list of support resources that will help maximize profits while minimizing costs!

Need A Personalized Team?

We’ll assemble the right blend of finance professionals with a single point of contact.


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