About Interim CFOs

To empower businesses to reach their full financial potential.

Our Story

Interim CFO was founded in 2020. We are entrepreneurs dedicated to serving other entrepreneurs. Having worked for companies in various industries at different stages of growth, our founders Javier and Peter realized the impact that a trusted financial partner can have on the success of a business. They established Interim CFOs to be that trusted partner, to help entrepreneurs navigate the financial challenges of building a successful business. Along the way they built a global team of the smartest, hardest working financial professionals, all of whom are committed to the same goal – helping entrepreneurs build great businesses.

Our mission is simple yet powerful – to empower businesses to reach their full financial potential.

Industries We Serve

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The Value of Interim CFOs

At Interim CFOs, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities businesses face during various stages of growth. We provide many services like bookkeeping, financial reporting, strategic planning, operational analysis and more to meet your needs.

We have a global team, which allows us to work with companies anywhere in the world. No matter where you are, our team can step in and provide immediate value.

Why Choose Interim CFOs?

Choosing Interim CFOs means choosing a partner committed to your financial success. Here’s why businesses trust us:

Top Talent All The Time

Bigger firms often reserve their junior people for smaller companies, yet they charge larger fees. At Interim CFOs all clients receive our experienced senior talent at a reasonable price.

Ability To Scale Up

We can support all your monthly reporting needs, and easily scale up to higher level needs and complex tasks as the business grows, including budgeting, strategic planning, tax & audit support.

Clarity and Confidence

Our reporting and analysis will help you “see around corners”; we provide financial clarity to help you make business decisions with confidence.

Team Based Approach

We are entrepreneurs, operators, financial managers, CPAs and MBAs working together to achieve your financial objectives.

Value Based Pricing

Our fees are project rather than time-based, and are tied to achieving specific business objectives.

Professional leadership

Interim CFOs brings authoritative financial expertise to work with a company’s C-suite, ensuring informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Our Team

Professional Leadership at Your Service

At Interim CFOs, we believe that professional leadership is crucial to your success. Our experienced CFOs bring authoritative financial expertise to work with your C-suite, ensuring informed decision-making and strategic planning. With a deep understanding of your industry and its specific challenges, our team becomes an extension of yours.

We are a team of experienced financial professionals with diverse industry experience. Each member of our team brings their unique expertise and skills, enabling us to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Our team helps your business succeed by simplifying finances, raising funds, and guiding mergers and acquisitions.

They also serve as strategic leaders. They focus on driving growth and improving business performance.

Peter Kihara


Javier Caceres


Keith Gregory

Consultant CFO

Reinoud Dykema

Consultant CFO

Joseph Parker

Consultant CFO

Chris White

Consultant CFO

Peter Dorrius

Consultant CFO

David Reynolds

Consultant CFO

Supraja M.

Accounting Manager Consultant

Ulises Puente Durán

Accounting Manager Consultant

Stella Zhang

Interim Controller

Celien Joy Apostol

Interim Accountant

Bella Basuni