Technology Company Serving The Food Industry

Outsourced CFO + Capital Raising Assistance

This venture-capital-backed company was growing rapidly but did not have adequate financial systems and staff to plan and manage growth.

The company was also unprepared to attract banks and equity investors for much-needed growth capital.

Results Achieved:

✔ $23 million raised in growth capital

✔ Hired over 100 employees during our involvement

✔ Annual revenue grew from $4 million to $15 million

How We Helped:

Upgraded Accounting Systems:

Transition from an inefficient QuickBooks desktop setup to cloud based QuickBooks Online and eventually to highly scalable ERP system Intacct.

Established Financial Planning Process:

Developed the company’s first financial projection model.

Led the actual vs. budget performance measurement process, which increased accountability and helped fuel rapid growth.

Capital Raising Assistance:

Created investor-ready PowerPoint deck and supporting financial analyses

Led due diligence and assisted with negotiations.

Trained And Mentored Finance Team:

Including the Accounting Manager, who was soon promoted to Director of Finance and took over our duties.


Crypto asset startup

Outsourced Controller To Prepare For An Audit

The company was due to undergo an audit to raise series A capital in a month’s time.

The books were loosely held together by a single part time bookkeeper.

Results Achieved:

✔ Successfully underwent audit and raised series A shortly after our work was done

How We Helped:

✔ We reviewed and reconciled every bank, credit card account & crypto exchange or wallets from day one making sure everything was properly and systematically classified.

✔ We automated their systems using auto syncing, QB rules and other apps such as expensify and

✔ We reviewed & tested outstanding liabilities as well as equity accounts & corresponding entries.

✔ Completely rearrange the general ledger & regroup them in sync with GAAP rules.

✔Established best practices for revenue recognition.

✔ Setup a system in box for record keeping considering that these documents, receipt, agreements and statements would be requested by the auditors.

✔ Set up with our outsourced team so they could get through the day to day with minimal time from our senior staff.


Manufacturer of Cosmetic and Beauty Products

CFO + Controller + Accountant + Bookkeeper

The company was dissatisfied with the performance of their current finance team.

Results Achieved:

✔ Significant savings in personnel & HR expenses

✔ Efficiency ratios improved significantly

✔ Better strategic decisions since sales & COGS data became available in real time

How We Helped:

✔ The new owners had upgraded their shopping cart to Bigcommerce & were using shipstation for fulfillment but the mapping needed to bring that information to QB online was not done properly leading to mistakes in the calculation of COGS and inventory count. We fixed the flow of information.

✔ They had different pricing tiers retail, wholesale & distributors but they were lacking a model that would allow them to adjust the price to all 3 in case the raw material cost would increase. We set up that model for them.

✔ They had a rewards system but the liabilities were not being booked into QB so we hacked a solution using Zappier to bring the information to the right place.

✔ Create systems & schedules or simply implemented best practices for inventory management.

✔ Outsourced bank & credit card reconcilliation, expense management.

✔ Improve collection of AR & help them negotiate better terms for AP

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