Why Interim CFOs are Essential to Growing SF & NYC Startups

You’re probably reading this post because you already have or are considering creating a startup located in San Francisco or New York City. Times are tough for startups in these locations, but it doesn’t have to be as forbidding as it may appear. Using interim CFOs can give you powerful leverage to thrive, adapt, and compete in this demanding and expensive environment.

What Interim CFOs Do

Startup budgets are tight. You’re working hard and getting creative to achieve all you aspire to do with usually very limited funds. A full-time CFO would be a dream to have to help you achieve your goals faster and to get a solid foothold and thrive, but that’s usually not in a startup’s budget. Interim CFOs, or fractional CFOs, give you access to CFO services when you need them most at rates that are much easier on your budget.

You can benefit from:

  • elite guidance on strategic planning and complex projects
  • services to promote financial discipline and accounting best practices
  • expert bookkeeping and accounting services
  • capital raising assistance
  • budgeting advice
  • tax and audit help

With interim CFOs, you can hire CFOs one time for a specific project or goal or purchase an ongoing plan for just the services you need.

Without Interim CFOs

Most startups try to fundraise, plan, and manage their finances by themselves with little to no guidance. This can hold their startup back or actually cause it to fail. In a very competitive market, you don’t want to waste time trying to figure out what you’re doing. And you don’t have to.

Interim CFO Experience

Interim or fractional CFOs should bring at least ten years of experience to the table. Working with Interim CFOS Finance and Accounting, you have access to entrepreneurs, operators, and financial executives who have worked 20+ years at elite San Francisco and New York City companies. This gives your startup affordable access to people most experienced with competing and succeeding in even the most demanding environment.


When you’re running a startup, it’s normal for you to feel like you have way too much on your plate and that it is a feat to keep up with everything. 

Having guidance helps you navigate these complex waters much more smoothly, gaining you more funds to pursue your goals and reducing setbacks and struggles.

The clear, accurate, and timely financial reports and analysis we provide at Interim CFOs empower you to plan and make decisions with confidence.

And it’s uncomplicated to work with us. Our elite team works for you, but you only have to deal with one relationship manager to handle everything for you. You enjoy trusted results with no headache.  

We offer project-based pricing rather than time-based pricing, saving you money by charging you only for what you need.


The costs of running a startup in San Francisco and New York City are so oppressive that many people are leaving or failing. Keep afloat and grow your startup with the help of interim CFOs who give you access to the best financial guidance and services at rates you can afford.

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