Startups do challenging things with small budgets and need to be able to be as agile, creative, and competitive as possible to succeed. A Zapier subscription will make your startup run much smarter, tear through goals, be your competition’s worst nightmare, and be less headache and more rewarding.

Zapier is For Everyone

Your business doesn’t have to be any certain size. Everyone can benefit from the automation that Zapier provides.

What Zapier Does

Zapier automates a wide variety of processes for your startup so you can eliminate pretty much all the tedious tasks that require no thought and are able to provide better experiences for customers and staff alike and spend more time brainstorming, planning, and doing meaningful things.

When your startup has a Zapier subscription, it can:

  • create support tickets from emails and chats
  • run a chatbot for you and/or take the email collected to MailChimp
  • auto respond to customers
  • log contacts and deals into your CRM and/or your accounting system at the same time
  • move information from Google sheets to QBO or vice versa
  • automatically offer and handle surveys, polls, and questionnaires
  • collect the news you need to stay on top of your market
  • capture leads from multiple sources website/phone support or chat and funnel them into constant contact
  • post to social media and gather analytics from the posts


avoid double entries by literally linking anything that you use on a regular basis You can select the various tools, called Zaps, you need for your startup to automate the tasks relevant to you so much of your business runs on autopilot.

Why Zapier Automation is So Important for Startups

Save time

First, automation saves you precious time. You have much more important things to do than manually move information around and enter data. 

And even tasks that are more important, don’t have to be done by you or a member of your staff. For instance, addressing customer concerns is very important, but much of the messages you or your staff would have to handle are repetitive or easily handled by AI. A chatbot can handle all of those easy messages for you so you’re only left with the ones that require the attention of a live person. 

Increase productivity and cut costs

The less time you and your staff spend doing unnecessary things, the more time you can be engaged in meaningful activities that you can really feel invested in. You do more important work and feel more empowered in the job. 

With Zapier, your startup’s staff can do the work of a team twice its size, saving you hiring costs. For example, not every bank offers a QBO widget and it’s common to have to prepare the file and do uploads via Excel. With Zapier, you can paste new transactions into a Google Sheet and the moment the info is pasted the zap runs and pushes all the data into QBO.

Deliver more

Zapier automation can provide your customers with instant answers to their questions and instant delivery of a digital product as well as the benefits of a generally more efficiently run and innovative business. When your team is fresher and more engaged and you have time to devote to the more creative aspects of the business, the overall business improves. You can pick keywords that are the triggers for the zaps and control several actions, send the customer response, or move the customer info to whatever emailing platform you may be using and/or push their info into salesforce.


There’s a ton of competition and you need to be nimble, aggressive, and aware of what’s going on around you to succeed. Automation from Zapier makes your startup run more efficiently and puts the information you need like customer feedback, leads, and news in your lap so you don’t have to search for it, you just have to read it. 

Zapier democratizes programming. We don’t need to have a degree in computer science or have a data scientist in our staff in order to move data around. If you have common sense and or imagination you can come up with the best hacks to deal with everyday problems using Zapier. Alternatively,  reach out to us and we will gladly help you set up the right zap for your business, or if you have the time go to their site and begin having fun